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The Science-Backed Rewire Hacks You're Getting Have Been Featured On:

3 Steps To Rewire 

Your Mind And Business For Inner Wealth & Success…

Can You Lower Your Brain Age?

Your brain age is not a life sentence. It can be lowered. Yes, the clock can be turned back, and your brain can function like it's in its prime, regardless of your actual age.

With the right guidance, business owners like you have lowered their brain ages by 15+ years in just 24 hours after working with me. Here are a just a few of them. 

Subject A: Richard

Actual Age: 35-Year-Old Male

Starting Brain Age: 42 Years Old

Brain Age After 24 Hours: 24 Years Old

Richard was stuck with a brain acting seven years older than his actual age. After just 40 minutes of working with me, his brain age dropped by nearly two decades years.

The techniques, tactics, and exercises you’ll learn at the “Inner Wealth Workshop” improved his reaction speed and brain power. Richard now has a 24-year-old brain in a 35-year-old body. His brain's quick-fire response means he’s sharper, faster, and ready to seize any business opportunity that comes his way. 

(Increase in the red area shows a greater level of brain activity.)

Session 1

P300 EC 4 Min 

14/12/2023 10:53 AM 

Session 2

P300 EC 4 Min 2

4/12/2023 12:39 PM

Subject B: Sarah

Actual Age: 62-Year-Old Female

Starting Brain Age: 48 Years Old

Brain Age After 24 Hours: 22 Years Old

Sarah was a unique case - a 62-year-old with a brain age of 48. We dove in and brought Sarah through a few core exercises that we bring business owners through at the “Inner Wealth Workshop” – the results speak for themselves.

After just one day, we rejuvenated her brain age to that of a 22-year-old. Now she’s ready to drive her business forward with a clarity she hasn't felt in years.

(Increase in the red area shows a greater level of brain activity.)

Session 1

Session 2

P300 EC 4 Min 

5/9/2023 1:14 PM 

Subject C: Kevin

Actual Age: 40-Years-Old Male

Starting Brain Age: 55 Years Old

Brain Age After 24 Hours: 31 Years Old

Kevin, a 40-year-old with a brain feeling the weight of 55 years. We worked on his brain's power and reaction speed, essentially giving his brain a complete tune-up. In just one day, he had the brain of a 31-year-old. Keven enhanced his decision-making abilities and is primed for business growth. 

(Increase in the red area shows a greater level of brain activity.)

Session 1

P300 EC 4 Min 

5/8/2023 8:33 AM 

Session 2

P300 EC 4 Min 

5/9/2023 7:32 AM 

Want To Lower Your Brain Age?

Don't let your brain age define you. Don't let it hold your business back. And don't let it limit your potential. Lowering your brain age is not just about enhancing business productivity; it's about achieving more wealth (which I’ll tell you is more than just money, although that does tend to flow, its health, relationships, its you whole life).

The evidence is clear, and the transformations are real. From Richard's dramatic reduction to Kevin's newfound youthfulness, it's clear that lowering your brain age is possible, no matter where you start.

Because you deserve a brain that's as young, vibrant, and capable as you are. Say YES to a younger brain age. Say YES to a better business. Say YES to more wealth. Click the button below to register your seat at the upcoming “Inner Wealth Workshop” now! 

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Dr. Alok Trivedi

I work with CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and entrepreneurs to rewire their thinking with his science-backed approach so they can transform their health, wealth and relationships.

I am the author of Chasing Success and Best Seller Wired For Wealth. I have been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox News, Global News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Amazon Prime and the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.

The Trivedi Process is a scientifically proven method for rewiring the fear, beliefs and habits that hold you back so you can achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

And I invite you to join me for this one day  event to help you rewire your brain for success. 

What Are You Waiting For?!

It’s Time To Enter Peak Performance And Break The Burnout Cycle For Good

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What You Can Expect From The

“Inner Wealth Workshop"

Before Attending The “Inner Wealth Workshop”

Stuck in a cycle of working draining hours without real growth.

Lacking the clarity to make the right decisions.

Frustration due to poor goal-setting.

​Feeling burned out and demotivated.

Struggling with work-life balance.

After Attending The “Inner Wealth Workshop”

Real rewire frameworks you can count on to give you peace of mind.

Improved clarity and decision-making abilities.

Peak-level productivity with true-value goals

Sustained inspiration leading to success.

Optimal work-life balance framework. 


The “Inner Wealth Workshop"


February 19th

9am CST/ 10am EST


To increase brain productivity, debunk motivation myths, and boost your business growth.

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Now’s The Time To Create A Life-Long Security Plan for Your Business.

Enjoy wealth and health without getting stuck ever again For Just $47.00 

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Who Designed This Website?

Older Brain Age Will Keep Your Business Stuck 

It doesn’t matter how many tips, tricks, hacks, or affirmations you do, if you don’t fix your brain age your business will stay stuck. Even if your business is growing now, you could be setting yourself up for future failure if you don’t know and actively lower your brain age.

Here’s what happens when you lower your brain age. 

Older Brain Age 

Constant Stress: You’re anxious about your business 24/7 and feel like you can’t catch a break. 

Lack of Attention: You can’t keep focused on tasks or meetings.

Inability To Adapt: You struggle to learn new skills or adopt key technology.

​Sluggish Decision Making: You miss moments to grow because you take to long to make major choices.

​Memory issues: You forget names, dates, and facts. People begin to lose trust in you.

​Productivity Paradox: You get things done, but your business isn’t growing.

​Mood And Energy Swings: Some days you're ready to conquer the world, other days it's hard to get out of bed.

​Chronic Health Concerns: Older brain age is linked to serious health issues like hypertension, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Younger Brain Age 

Business Growth: Your productivity directly leads to business growth.

Faster Decision Making: You make key decisions quickly, capitalizing on opportunities.

Stable Mood and Energy: You maintain consistent energy and mood levels, which keeps your business growing.

​Stronger leader: One that inspires their team and helps them grow.

​Work-Life Balance: You get things done faster while putting your life first.

Quick Learner: You stay ahead of the curve and pick up new trends with ease. 

Strong Memory: You remember important details, building trust with those around you. 

​Better Health: A younger brain age is correlated with a lower risk of serious health issues.

By actively lowering your brain age, you’re shaping not just a thriving business, but a thriving life. Armed with a lower brain age, you can become the nimble, capable, resilient, unstoppable, wealthy entrepreneur you've always wanted to be. 

Want To Know How To Lower Your Brain Age...?

And turn your brain into a high-functioning machine that can take your business and wealth to the next level? If so, join me for the upcoming, 1-day event, The “Inner Wealth Workshop”, click the button below to claim your ticket now!

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Traditional Goal Setting

It's driven by the Amygdala. Which links to setting goals to past failures and trauma, not future ambitions.

It's rooted in past pain and desires.

It results in fantasies, not achievable goals.

​It doesn't line up with your values and who you are.

It leads to burnout and dissatisfaction. 

The Neurological Blueprint

Business Growth: Your productivity directly leads to business growth.

It empowers you to operate using the Hippocampus and pre-frontal cortex, giving you more control over your business.

It's built around your unique brain wiring.

​It leads to achievable and inspired goals.

​It lines up with your values and who you are.

​It leads to satisfaction and consistent progress.

Real Results Of Creating A Neurological Blueprint

Joe Ward

Multiplied His Income Over 500% After Building His Neurological Blueprint 

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Motivated Business Owners…

Are Fueled By Desperation: They constantly chase financial metrics and “KPIs”.

Are Emotionally Unstable: Their lives are filled with emotional highs and lows, which causes confusion and chaos in their business.

Business First, Life Last: They overlook personal well-being and health in pursuit of revenue growth.

​Money Motivated: They’re focused on how much they earn and their personal success, not how much they impact.

Externally Focused: They rely on motivational videos, seminars, books, and recording tapes to keep going.

Inspired Business Owners…

Passion-Powered: They wake up each morning led by their genuine passion for the influence their business is creating.

Steady Energy: Their emotional state is stable, creating a sense of security and consistency within their teams. Their teams thrive.

Balanced Life: They value personal well-being and grow steadily while keeping maintaining balance.

Customer-Centric: They focus on the difference they can make in their customer and client’s lives. 

​Internally-Fueled: Their drive comes from within, they don’t need a hype-man or a motivational video to get real results.

Are You Ready To Become An Inspired Business Owner For Just $47.00?

Are you set to switch gears and become an inspired entrepreneur? To trade fleeting bursts of energy for steady, genuine enthusiasm? To not just endure your workday, but enjoy it?

Join Dr. Rewire at the "Inner Wealth Workshop" on February 19th at 9AM CST / 10AM EST.

You’ll learn to understand your unique brain wiring, ditch the need for fleeting dopamine highs, and lead with lasting, authentic energy. 

Register For The “Inner Wealth Workshop" Now!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn In Each Session Of

The "Inner Wealth Workshop"


What Others Have Accomplished With What You’ll Learn At The “Inner Wealth Workshop" 


The Biggest Lie We’ve Been Told Is “Positive Thinking”

Don’t Watch Another “Motivational” Video Until You Watch This…

Still not convinced? Here’s how it works:



Rewire Your Brain Age To Achieve More, Faster

Like any health check, it starts from the ground up. First, you need to get a mental check-up by discovering your brain age. In short, lowering brain age will help you get more done, in less time, making you a more productive, stronger business owner who gets results.

What Is Brain Age And How Does It Impact Business Owners? 

Brain Age = Speed Of Brain x Power Of Brain

As a business owner, brain age directly affects:

Your decision-making speed: A younger brain means quicker, sharper decisions.

Problem-solving sharpness: Younger brain age allows you to solve complex problems with ease.

Your risk for chronic health issues: A higher brain age might hint at future health issues.

Your overall productivity: Lower brain age equates to higher productivity levels.

How you communicate: A lower brain age helps you understand and share ideas faster. You can connect better with your team and clients.

Your energy levels: If your brain age is younger, you'll feel more lively and ready to tackle your day.

​Your ability to keep your eye on the ball: Younger brains are better at saying no to distractions. You keep your eyes on the prize.

Your knack for new ideas: A youthful brain can think outside the box and find fresh, hidden solutions.

How you handle stress: With a lower brain age, you're better equipped to stay cool when things get tough in business.

High-performance businesses need high-performance brains.

The problem is, most business owners are trying to run a Ferrari with the engine of a Toyota Camry or maybe even a lawnmower.

By learning to lower your brain age, you’re not only setting up your business for growth, you’re setting yourself up for wealth and success. 



Rewire Your Neurological Blueprint

Remember how Bradley Cooper transformed his life in the blockbuster Limitless after consuming a magic NZT pill? He unlocked 100% of his brain's potential. Would you like to get those kind of effects? No magic pill needed. No deadly side effects.

Become Limitless With Your Neurological Blueprint 

Becoming Limitless isn’t about setting bigger goals (that you never hit), it’s about rewiring your neurological blueprint, and then setting the right goals. Goals that resonate with your true identity and your true values.

Most business owners are chasing success as defined by society or some ideal they've created in their minds.

They're trying to fill shoes that aren't theirs, which causes discomfort, strain, and stunted growth. 

The Age-Old, Broken Cycle Of Goal Setting

You do it every year. You set massive, '10x' goals, only to watch them slip go down the drain. The cycle goes like this:

YEAR 1 You set massive goals.

YEAR 2 You fall behind, so you set even bigger goals.

YEAR 3 You're stressed, running on adrenaline, cortisol

​YEAR 4-6 Miss those goals, feel more guilty, your self worth goes down.

Sound familiar? It's not surprising. Here's why:

You’re using your Amygdala, the part of our brain wired for survival and emotional responses.

Which means you’re not setting goals based on your identity and values, you’re setting them based on past pain, trauma, and social norms.

You try to fix it by doubling your goals and piling on more pressure. 

“I can do this.” You think. “I just need to be more focused.”

Your body reacts by pumping out adrenaline and cortisol. This pushes you into 'fight or flight' mode, putting your health on the line.

It gets to a point where you're not just battling to meet goals, you're dealing with fatigue and a lack of satisfaction. Your business, once a passion, now feels like a draining job.

Then fatigue sets in. The constant pressure leaves you feeling lost and uninspired. And at this point so many people want to get out of their business and start looking for other ideas.

The problem is… the business, or idea isn’t the problem, and the same sequence will happen on their next project. 

Traditional Goal Setting vs. The Neurological Blueprint



Rewire Motivation For Inspiration

You won’t find lasting growth in your business with motivation – you need to be rooted in inspiration. It's time to ditch those temporary motivation fixes and embrace an inspired way of leading. 

Your Business Is Stuck Because You’re Motivation-Minded

Your energy as a leader sets the tone for your entire business.

When you run on motivation, your highs and lows confuse your team. When you become an inspired leader, you'll create an exciting and positive environment.

Your brain might be wired for motivation, leading to a constant need for motivational 'fixes'. But an inspiration-fueled leader doesn’t need to chase their next emotional 'high'.

Motivation is not your friend—it's desperation from the Amygdala, causing surges and crashes.

Becoming an inspired leader is like breathing life into your work, and this physiological aspect positively influences your psychological state.

Mindset techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) only offer temporary relief, but eventually, they wear out. 

What’s The Difference Between Motivation And Inspiration?

You're born to be an inspired leader, but your brain is habituated to motivation. That's the reason you're constantly attending motivational seminars for your motivation 'fix'.



"Demystifying Brain Age”

We're going to unearth the science of brain age and see how it revs up your productivity. Here's the game plan:

Brain Age Decoded: We're ripping apart the conventional wisdom around brain age. Discover how a youthful brain is your secret sauce for business expansion.

Stress Management Redefined: Learn the art of taming stress, transforming it from a roadblock into a catalyst for growth.

Power Focus: Dive into techniques for amplifying your concentration and taking your productivity from good to mind-blowing.

Maxing Out Brain Potential: Harness the power locked in your brain to jack up your business performance.

Productivity Supercharged: Learn how understanding and optimizing your brain age can send your productivity levels sky-high.

You'll understand how to effectively manage stress, enhance focus, and maximize your brain's potential, lifting your productivity to new heights.



"Your Neurological Blueprint A New Approach To Goal Setting"

Sick and tired of the age-old approach to goal-setting? I get it.

Throw out the old rulebook.

We're going to architect a custom-made, evidence-based blueprint for your success.

Get ready for: 

Demolishing Failure: Uncover why traditional goal-setting has been tripping you up and learn to sidestep those pitfalls.

Hacking Your Brain: Crack the code of your brain's unique wiring to create a winning strategy.

Smashing Targets: With a strategy tailored to your neurological strengths, watch your goals crumble in the face of your attack.

Meeting Potential: Release the constraints and make sure your ambitions finally meet your true potential.

Personalized Goal-Setting: Dump the one-size-fits-all strategies. Learn the true method to creating tailored goals aligned with your unique neurological makeup.

Every goal-setting framework you’ve tried in the past has fallen short.

That’s why we’re going to build a completely customized evidence-based blueprint to achieve your true ambitions. 



Ditch Motivation The Inspirational Leader Framework

Learn why self-help guru advice, affirmations, and mainstream productivity methods always leave you burnt out, and what to do instead. Here's the lowdown:

Unmasking the Motivation Trap: Learn why your current success strategies are leading to burnout instead of sustained growth.

Replacing Empty Hype: Ditch the false promises of motivational videos for a practical, evidence-based approach to success.

Inspiration Unveiled: Discover why a shift to inspiration is your ticket to consistent growth and a more satisfying journey.

Energy Shifts: Learn how to transform your energy, influence your team dynamics and foster a culture of growth and customer satisfaction.

Beating the Burnout Cycle: Break free from the 7-year burnout cycle that's sabotaging many entrepreneurs and step into a lifestyle of sustainable, rapid growth. 

I’ll take you through a deep dive into why motivation will always lead to energy crashes and how to shift to a rapid growth, inspirational lifestyle that will pave the way for sustained success.

Let’s be real: You’re sick and tired of self-help productivity gurus shouting their affirmations at you.

“You’re the bottleneck of your business!”

Yeah, we heard you the 8th time you said that...

So, how do we fix it?

Every day, I talk to outwardly ‘successful’ business owners just like you, and I hear the exact  same struggles:

"I've hit a plateau. I've tried every trick in the book to level up my business, but I just keep hitting the same brick wall."

"I've attended dozens of personal development seminars, but my life and business look exactly the same. What am I missing?"

"My business is doing okay, but I feel like I've lost my mojo. It's draining."

"I'm constantly chasing bigger goals, but it's draining me out. Is there a way to keep growing without feeling overwhelmed?"

"How can I create a vibrant, inspiring business without burning myself out?"

Sound familiar? 

Here's the truth: You don’t need another shot of motivational hype.

You’ve been optimizing your habits, adjusting your routines, and trying every productivity hack under the sun, you’ve perhaps even worked with a coach, and did everything they told you to, but your business still isn’t growing.


Ultimately you need to rewire your brain. You see, our minds like to keep us in balance. The issue is, our current limits are set by our previous experiences, beliefs, values and more. 

And research shows that most of the personal development stuff out there does NOTHING to change this, and so… you and your business won’t change either.

Brain age is the physiological age of your brain, which is different from your actual age. The younger your brain age is, the better.

Brain age gives you a full look at your brain's health by combining the speed of your neurons' firing with your brain's reaction time. In other words, it shows how fast and powerful your brain is. 

Let me get a little bit sciency for a moment…

Most business owners mainly use their Amygdala, a part of the brain responsible for emotional reactions and our primal instincts (the lizard part of the brain).

It's here where past trauma and fear live, nudging us to set goals that are often more about compensation for past pain than about our true desires.

Rewiring your Neurological Blueprint allows you to activate your Hippocampus and Pre-Frontal Cortex, parts of the brain associated with learning, planning, and high-level thinking.

It is here that we want entrepreneurs to live. This is where REAL growth happens. 

​YEAR 7 Fatigue hits. You feel lost and uninspired. Your revenue tanks. You want out of your business

P300 EC 4 Min 

15/9/2023 8:01 AM 

Made $100K In 4 Months

Monique Ramirez

“First 90 days of working with Dr. Trivedi, I made my first $80,000. A month thereafter, I made an additional $20,000. So in the first 4 months with Dr. Trivedi, I learned my value, and I made $100,000.”

400% Business Growth Sustained YoY

Rebecca Louise

"400% growth that has continued to remain. It is sustained, and now the consistency and the growth and the earning to continue attracting the leads..."


“We have actually doubled our income... that's a hundred percent growth... it totally changed the dynamics of my personal life." 

190% Increase In Business Income And 135% Increase In Team Cash


"I was able to increase our business income by over last year. We're up by 190%. Our team cash was up by 135%." 

Doubled Income And Closed A 

Relationship With NFL

250% Growth In Business Revenue

Dr. Molly Hamilton

“Since working with Dr. T my practice has grown up by about 250% in a year. I’ve got so many different opportunities placed in front of me. I got interviewed for 4 different magazines.” 

20% Growth During COVID

Dr. Robin Hale

“My chiropractic business has continued to grow steadily. I don’t hold myself back and continue to grow. My chiropractic business is 20% ahead of where I was at least year. [during COVID]" 

Dr. Shauna McLain

“Hit biggest week in practice. Saw 222 patients, and 19 new patients after doing the work with Dr. Trivedi. It was super easy.” 

One Hour Of Training With Dr. Rewire Is LIke Months With Any Other Coach

Dr. James Tickel

“An hour with Alok is like months of training and guidance that you would get from any coach. Dr. Trivedi is someone that I would highly recommend."

Hit Biggest Revenue Week In Practice


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